The Young Cunnilinguist

Thursday Morning:  I get to work early, but she is already there.  She is on my desk, on her back, legs spread, and not a word needs to be said.  I quickly get to work on her pussy, she is already soaking wet, as if 3 days of foreplay has finally pushed her pussy past the brink.  She tastes so delicious as I lap up her juices and savor the taste.  She moans little high-pitched moans that make my cock hard as I flip her over and eat her from behind.  Her tiny body giving way to each move I make as I continue to invade her inner depths with my tongue.  Eating her pussy like it is the only thing that matters in my life.  Thank God it is early, because she cums so hard I think the entire office would have heard.  Instead, the janitor merely closes the door to my office, which I had hastily left open.  Fuck it, with my mouth smashed against this delicious cunt I don’t give a flying fuck who knows I am having sex at work.

Wednesday Afternoon:  I have nothing on my mind but that beautiful pussy.  She has left me no choice but to make a move.  Something tells me, that for once she is the player, but if its true, I think I like getting played.  I invite her into my office.  My mind is a blur like it has never been before.  She is shaking me off my game.  Is she too similar to me?  Does she know me too well?  I am usually the tease and yet she is bringing my own game back to haunt me.  “Please, take a seat,” I mumble as I watch her graceful body sit down across from me.  I need to get ahold of myself.  Stop acting like a teenage boy who has never been seduced before.  “I need you to take some notes for tomorrow’s meeting,” I say with sternness in my voice so that I can take back control of the situation.  As I talk, she begins to write, but also her legs begin to spread.  That sexy little pussy is exposed.  This isn’t some tease, some game, she knows exactly what she is doing.  I get up to move closer to her and make my move.  Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.  Fuck.  Its my boss.  She scoots away to leave the office, but brushes my cock with her hand as she passes.  Fuck.  Until tomorrow.

Wednesday morning:  I need sleep. That beautiful pussy haunted my dreams all night.  I imagined that beautiful pussy riding my tongue in every possible scenario.  Facesitting in my living room, facesitting in my bedroom, facesitting in my fucking kitchen.  As I sit, half-asleep and half-awake in my desk chair, all I know is that I need that beautiful pussy on my face and tongue right now.  Fuck.

Tuesday Afternoon:  I see her again.  Just outside of my office.  She leans against the glass window as she talks to some coworkers.  She is looking sexy as fuck again.  Snug dress, high heels, and if I didn’t know better I would guess she isn’t wearing any panties.  I wish I could just grab her now.  Eat her pussy until she cums on my tongue.  But, alas, this isn’t some fucking bar, this is work…. She laughs as she talks to the guys who gawk at her openly by the water cooler as I stupidly stare like a creep from behind my glass wall.  I am normally the assertive type, but she has left me dumbfounded at how easily she has defeated me with a couple of quick, but seductive moves.  As the others proceed back to work, she swiftly but strategically glances over her shoulder and through my office window.  Her seductive eyes staring into my soul as another wry smile comes across her face.  She drops her paper cup to the floor and reaches down to retrieve it…. I was right, no fucking panties.

Tuesday Morning:  All of Monday is so fresh in my mind because I didn’t sleep a wink.  My hard-on raged throughout the night as I wondered what that girl from the office was up to.  Was she playing with her swollen clit as she giggled at how she had teased and manipulated me with a single flip of her dress that had exposed her ass?  Or maybe she really was interested in me.  Perhaps she went home that night, laid on her bed with her ass in the air, hiked her black dress up and fucked herself with her vibrator as she bit her pillow imagining it was my cock inside of her….  Shit, did she just past by my office? 

Monday afternoon:  My day was busy and I didn’t complete shit.  I sit at my desk, staring at my computer, but I haven’t done a thing. I can’t get my mind off of your sexy little ass teasing me earlier this morning.  Was it some cruel accident or were you trying to torment me?  My cock is now straining against my pants as I think about what I would do to you.  I would love nothing more than to get my tongue on that delicious pussy of yours.  Sucking on your clit and making you moan.  I would tongue your ass and fingerfuck your pussy until your tight little hole opened up and you begged for my cock.  I would lift that little black dress up to your waist and fuck you deep, giving your pussy the girth and depth it desires and needs.  I would continue to fuck you until you were cumming on my cock and then… shit the work day is already over.  I didn’t get a single thing done thanks to that naughty girl in the sexy black dress and high heels.  Fuck.  I don’t even know her name.

Monday morning:  Its busy, my day is hectic and I have so much fucking work to do.  But when I see you for the first time walk into the office in your little sexy black dress and high heels I only have one thing on my mind.  I already want you.  I want to place you on my desk and give you the fucking of your life.  I want to make you cum on my cock and I don’t care if everyone in the office hears or even sees for that matter.  I have a one track mind and you are my sole objective.  I make eye contact with you and to my surprise you wink a sexy little wink.  As you scoot off in the opposite direction with your heels clicking on the floor, you lift your skirt just an inch or two, showing off the bottom of your sexy little ass.  You look back over your shoulder and give a wry smile.  I know its going to be one hell of a week.

The first thing I did when I got my phone was to reach you I am sure u get a lot of females to write u I love this site n I love you

Thank you darling.  I never get upset when a beautiful girl says she loves me… although you don’t even know me?  ;)

I have never been so wet just by looking at a blog. WOW! My panties are soaking wet and I am in my house with my roommates just in the other room. So naughty!! What I would give to have your tongue deep inside me and your cock down my throat. Just thinking about what you would do to me makes me shiver. - 22yrs from Canada

Naughty girl… playing with yourself with your roommates in the next room? I bet you would love if I snuck into your room and had my way with you while your friends gossiped only a few feet and a thin layer of sheetrock away… could be fun.

I just finished masturbating, then I found your blog. Pretty sure I'm soaking again.

That’s my goal.  Glad I made you happy.