The Young Cunnilinguist
I know I usually just put pussy eating pics and gifs… but today is just one of those days where I want to pull a womans pants to her ankles and fuck her hard.  Sorry for the bluntness.

I know I usually just put pussy eating pics and gifs… but today is just one of those days where I want to pull a womans pants to her ankles and fuck her hard.  Sorry for the bluntness.

God I wish we could talk in private. Laying in bed Christmas morning as I rub my clit and scroll through your blog. I haven't been this soaking wet in ages. So happy I found you. xx

Well, thank you.  You could always email me if you would like to talk in person…  Also, I recently decided to get kik, although I have only given my account name to 1 person thus far…

The sensual panty removal, the first delicious taste, the sloppy wet kiss, the succulent suck.  Yep, sounds like a good plan.

are u lapping up these ladies that beg u to eat them and fuck them? I see u have a lot of request lol

On tumblr? No, I have not licked or fucked a woman I have met on tumblr.  There are certainly a few that I would like to meet in person, but, alas, I believe my skills will remain reserved for the women who I encounter off of this website.  Although, never say never ;)

I love your blog but I have an issue that I think I need a man's input on. My bf loves when I give him head but he always claims that eating pussy isn't his 'thing' and that he's never done it before. I beg him to do it but I know he's nervous and I was just wondering if you had any ideas on how to maybe ease him into it and make him less nervous. I've thought about just sitting on his face but I don't want him to have a bad first time cause he'll never do it again

Interesting question.  Here’s my suggestion:

Step 1 - Put on a nice dress that you know he likes and go out for the night, have a nice dinner, get him drunk, but not too drunk. 

Step 2 - Bring him back to your place and be a little aggressive.  Sit him down on the edge of your bed as you nibble and bite on his ears, claw at his back, and grab his pants by the waistband and force them to the floor. 

Step 3 - Go to town on his cock like it is your life’s purpose and give him the best head he has ever received. 

Step 4 - While blowing his mind, remove you panties and let your fingers wander.  As he gets harder and closer to cumming increase the speed of the fingers on your clit.

Step 5 - Don’t let him cum.  Get him real close and get yourself real wet.

Step 6 - When he is almost at the peak, stop, push his body back and climb your body on top of his.

Step 7 - Mash that beautiful dripping wet pussy against his face and ride like there is no tomorrow.  He will be horny as well, and he we will love how absolutely soaking wet you are. Stroke his cock a little, but don’t get him off.

Step 8 - After you cum, ride his cock until he cums like he hasn’t cum before.

Step 9 - Pass out naked in post-orgasmic bliss

Step 10 - Wake up in the morning and ask him what he thought about the previous night.  If he loved it, you are set.  If he didn’t love it, dump your boyfriend, call me up and repeat steps 1-9.

I just discovered your blog today & I think it's amazing, I'm getting wet just admiring how much you love to eat pussy. I'm a girl dating a girl & this makes me think about getting to eat her out when I'm with her, I love feeling her wetness all over my face & the way she moves her hips in little circles to rub her clit against my mouth. Then when she returns the favor & getting to cum in her mouth is THE sexiest thing in the world. Aren't women amazing? Lol. Just wanted to say a quick hello!

Thank you for the hello.  And you are absolutely right, women are amazing.  Hope you continue to enjoy the delicious joy of the female anatomy

My bikini area's darker than my skin tone. I'm planning to have it whitened before having sex with any guy in the future. I am so embarassed that I can't even look at my pussy when I am masturbating. :(

Stop it.  Seriously.  I am sure your pussy is beautiful as hell and the only thing that is embarrassing is that you don’t understand that.  If it gives you immense pleasure and all men want it, it can’t be ugly.

I just can't get you off my mind. I really just can't. Omg. Why?!

Because you like to cum and you know I can make you cum harder and better than any man you have ever been with and it drives you insane that you can’t have my tongue and cock all to yourself.   That’s why  ;)

I think I just fell inlove with the young cunnilinguist. He's a gentleman (but also a perv lol). He's witty. He's sexy. Well, definitely an ideal man. Seriously, I'd love you even if you're still a virgin. Lol. Bye! xx

Thank you for the compliments.  Although, I think all gentlemen should have a nasty side or else they can’t be complete gentleman.  After all, what’s more polite then making a woman cum hard?

Do you know how turned on I get by looking at your blog? How I wish I could just push you down on the bed pin your arms above your head and force you to eat me out ad make myself squirt on your face and in your mouth. Then flip around and suck you off while u eat my ass. Make you cum all over my face and swallow it all.

Sounds perfect.  When can we give it a shot?